Community Programmes

Our community programmes run in the afternoons and on weekends and provide a fun way to learn skills, develop talents and build confidence.

Frankie Greenacre , 12+ years

Improv Acting

Explore your self expression and amplify what comes naturally to you in this improv and theatre workshop.
Camp Tec, 8+ years

Robotics and Programming

Learners will build robots and learn to program them using a combination of Lego Wedo, Scratch, and Kodu. The objective of this course is to provide a framework upon which to build the skills necessary to create your own videogames, and 3d robots.
Frankie Greenacre , 18+ years

Improv Acting (Adults)

Explore your self expression and amplify what comes naturally to you in this improv and theatre workshop.
Camp Tec, 8+ years

Intro to Arduino

Intro to Arduino will teach you the basic concepts of programming and electronic circuits. This is the basic building block of circuit boards and all computer systems.
Claudio, 8+ years

Culinary studio

In this course you will learn the ins and outs of prepping a meal and everything that goes from misenplace to slicing, dicing, and dining.
Lars Taylor , 8+ years

Master Creators - Puppets

Welcome to the world of Master Creators, this cycle’s theme will be focused on puppet making.
Claudio, 8+ years


Learn the skills necesarry to become a woodworker and bring projects to life. From toolboxes, to stools, birdhouses, lamps, or anything else.
Camp Tec, 8+ years

Minecraft and Coding

Learn in depth the ins and outs of one of the most complete programming and development platforms ever created. It's not just a game, it's a universe!
Run by learners , 8+ years

Community Game Night

Come play some of your favourite games with your friends and community.
Ed Cousland, 8+ years

Photography 101

You'll learn the basics to make the most of your camera (or phone) to take amazing pictures.
Rhiannon Cackett, 18+ years

Painting & Wine Evening

Connect with your creative flow through dynamic and expressive activities, exploring materials and techniques. Join dots, take a line for a walk, push perspective, plunge into colour and find the edges of shapes. Suitable for all levels of experience. Get curious and create with us!
Claudio, 8+ years

3D Printing

Learn to design and prototype with CAD, Blender, and Rhinoceros. Bring your imagination to life and into 3D drawings as you learn to draft and 3D print your designs in this workshop that will teach you how to think in 3D.
Camp Tec, 8+ years

Creating Videogames in Unity

This course is aimed at those learners who want to center themselves around the creation of videogames in a professional context through the development of Unity 3D.
*Our community programmes financially support the growth of our learning community and therefore need a minimum amount of participants to run. If for any reason a programme does not meet these requirements, you will be informed and refunded if you have already paid."