Dyslexia Support

Personal learning programmes with expert support
for learners aged 11-16 diagnosed with dyslexia.

Our Oasis Programme is designed to support learners to grow as part of a welcoming community. The programme provides expert dyslexia support that develops literacy, language and numeracy skills and promotes healthy self-esteem. This empowers learners to build a positive self-image based on their superpowers.

Dyslexia support is integrated into everyday life as part of our Secondary Programmes. This means learners experience the socio-emotional benefits of being part of the Learnlife community while being able to focus seriously on the skill areas and competencies that most challenge them.

This approach inspires learners to explore their passions and demonstrate their talents fearlessly.

How we support learners with dyslexia


1-1 Mentoring

Personal weekly schedules and supportive space where kids can be themselves.

Literacy Support

Evidence-based interventions to enhance reading speed and comprehension.

Language Skills

Targeted sessions to boost language skills and develop an enjoyment of written language.


Expert strategies and techniques to develop core numeracy skills and build confidence.


A safe space and supportive community with a focus on socioemotional wellbeing.

Tech Support

Computer-based programmes to alleviate shortcomings linked to dyslexia. 

Who is this option for?

These modules are for learners aged 11-16 diagnosed with dyslexia.

We have the tools and knowledge to support English speakers with Dyslexia
Teens Oasis


Ages 11-13

Learners who are on a journey to more deeply understand themselves and the world around them.


Ages 14-15

Learners who are ready to grow their creative confidence and capacity as active designers and makers


Age 16

Learners who are ready to launch into an intensive programme and apply their knowledge to fresh challenges

Meet the team

Devin Carberry

Project role: Synthesiser

Devin is impacting a generation of Learning Guides and identifying learning communities that are aligned with the Learnlife paradigm. He has led the visioning and implementation of Learnlife's first hub and programmes. In addition to training and coaching the LGs, he has coordinated the Learner Support Circle (RTI Team) across all hubs. Devin synthesises the Pathfinder programme with regular Learnlife hub learning experiences for maximum engagement.


Chrissy Bruce

Project role: Coordinator and Dyslexia Expert

Chrissy is a clinical speech-language pathologist and Learning Specialist. Originally from the US, Chrissy has been in Barcelona for over 25 years. Her extensive training and experience in identification, treatment and management of developmental and learning differences, especially dyslexia, within monolingual and multilingual children has allowed her to serve hundreds of children and their families throughout Barcelona.

Module details

We can support  your child in growing a passion for learning.

Our dyslexia support module is designed as a 10 month boot camp. However, we are flexible with the duration.

Start dates

Learners can join us any time                   

Pricing model

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How do I sign up?

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