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    If you would like to organise an educators visit, select an option below. If you are a prospective parent, you can arrange a free visit.

    Open visit

    During the visit you receive a presentation covering Learnlife’s overall vision and culture, as well as a guided tour to connect you with our understanding of space and human interactions. You will have time to engage with learning team members and ask about their best practices.

    Private visit

    Private Visits can be arranged for individuals or groups who wish to choose specific dates that are outside the Open Visit schedule. These visits are programmed exactly like the Open Visits and are available between Sep 1st and Nov 31st, and between Jan 15th and May 31st.

    Custom visit

    Want to co-create a visit to Learnlife Barcelona with a focus on a particular issue or theme? Interested in adding a conversation with one of the founders, conducting a workshop, arranging a series of visits or a multiple day visit? Please contact us below with your proposal.

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