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Enjoy authentic learning experiences from the comfort of home

Through Learnlife's online and blended learning offerings, learners explore their interests and develop lifelong skills, as they actively engage and participate in online learning activities in a global community.

Our team of learning guides is world class, trained in self-determined learning and in designing amazing online learning and blended learning experiences that learners will remember - and put into practice - for the rest of their lives.


Learning values

Learners connect with other learners from around the world through our online learning and blended learning programmes to grow together, while developing student agency, self-directed and self-determined skills that enable them to become lifelong learners.

Read more about our learning culture here.


Learning with peers in a compassionate and caring community


Exploring and discovering passions that inspire learners


Creating learning plans specific to learners and their needs


Self-directed learning with the guidance of an expert learning guide


Engaging actively in authentic learning experiences


Reflecting on personal development and the learning journey


A hub’s context is closely linked to where it is located and the purpose for which the hub has been built.

Home Hub

Help grow a passion for learning — all from home

In our online and blended learning offerings, we focus on helping learners to take responsibility and ownership of their learning, build their self-confidence and autonomy, and clearly communicate their learning goals, needs, and growth, while engaging in an international community of learners and mentors.

With Home Hub, learners build a personal learning plan for each day of the week for up to 20+ hours per week.

Start dates

Learners can start any time                    


One-time application fee: 90 EUR

Programme fees: 675 EUR enrolment fee and 675 EUR monthly tuition

Who is this option for?

Learners can join Home Hub for our online learning and blended learning programmes based on their individual availability and schedule. Our part-time and full-time options align with the age groups of our in-person Learnlife hubs.

Remote Learning


Ages 16-18+

Learners who are ready to launch into an intensive programme and apply their knowledge to fresh challenges


Ages 14-15

Learners who are ready to grow their creative confidence and capacity as active designers and makers

Programme Components

Building blocks

Similar to our in-person programmes, Learners for our online learning and blended learning programmes decide on the topics they would like to explore, while building on self-directed skills across multiple disciplines. If learners are new to self-directed learning, we start with a simplified program of building blocks, and then move toward more self-determined building blocks.


Sample building blocks


Grow your understanding and toolbox to take care of your physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being.


Level up your literacy skills through a number of learning experiences designed to activate your creativity and communication skills.


Grow your technical skills in carpentry, cooking, music production, 3D design, fashion and more through a number of challenges and live workshops!


Build on your knowledge in science and numeracy as well as other disciplines through interdisciplinary, real world learning experiences and projects.

Your own!

Everything is a learning experience! Customise, co-create and document your own learning experiences to help you achieve your cycle goals.


We incorporate a personal learning approach at Home Hub where the learner schedule is co-created and designed according to each learner's availability and level of agency. Together with their learning guide, learners design their schedules each month, giving them flexibility to discover and expand on different building blocks. Learners can also split their time between  online learning at Home Hub and one of the Learnlife in-person hubs to optimise the blended learning experience.

Sample schedule
15 min
Check in
45 min
45 min
45 min
1 hours
45 min
Passion Project
45 min
45 min
15 min
Check- Out

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining our full-time or part-time online learning and blended learning programme, please contact us by completing the form below.

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Submit the necessary documents and forms. Once we review your documents, we will send you the payment links and additional documentation.


After we receive your payment, we will send you the acceptance letter. During onboarding, we will send your login information and a questionnaire.

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