Arabic Culture Lead - Next-Generation Teacher Primary

    Are you passionate about working with 3-7 year olds? Are you ready to reimagine what learning looks like, and apply that with our dynamic learning community?

    Are you keen on founding a learning centre where challenge and play-based learning is at the core? Then, this may be the role for you ...

    The School of Big Bravery is seeking a multi-talented Arabic Culture Lead to co-create & launch our first Early Years/Primary age program.  

    The School of Big Bravery has been provided a unique opportunity to question fundamental elements of the education system which dominates our world today. This project is being led by the Dubai Design Lab, which is part of the Dubai Future Foundation. The School of Big Bravery’s mission is to grow an inclusive learning community which puts relationships, learner agency, and a strong connection to nature at the heart of it. We bravely question what elements of education need to change in order to do this, through re-evaluating timetables and schedules, subjects, or even where learning may take place. We take time to build understanding across our community, as we consider learning to be a holistic process involving the learner, their caretakers, their community, and the environment around them. We aspire to be a lighthouse illuminating the possibilities of a brighter future through learning, and for this we welcome a team of inspired and energetic changemakers.   

    This is a startup! So we are looking for someone who is collaborative, understands the importance of strong personal relationships with learners and who thrives in a changing, innovative and agile environment. 

    Role overview:

    The Arabic Culture lead ensures that Dubai’s history, culture, and language are infused into the fabric of learning. With a depth in local knowledge and a deep understanding of Islamic values and principles, this role requires a fluent bilingualism in Arabic and English. The Culture Lead integrates honourable traditions and cultural elements while practising a new and exciting form of learning.

    The ideal start date for this role is in July 2023.The doors will open in Dubai in January 2024.

    In your role, you will: 

    • Develop learning experiences that integrate Islamic Studies and Arabic language into learning experiences throughout the school.
    • Design or adopt an approach for Arabic language and writing development that aligns with the vision of the learning community.
    • Meet with prospective families to understand their suitability for such a program.
    • Support in building a balanced and multi-faceted team which includes bilingualism (Arabic and English) and depth of local culture.
    • Lead excursions to culturally relevant places on a regular basis, serving to enrich the learners understanding of Islamic culture, Emirati culture, and modern Dubai.
    • Support Arabic speaking Learning Guides in delivering and implementing natural language acquisition through play, games, and activities.
    • Work alongside the Well-being Lead to link Islamic values to our well-being program in a way that honours the values while remaining secular.
    • Develop methodologies to assess and report on the progress of Arabic acquisition in learners, both native and non-native.
    • Connect with native Arabic learners and help develop their fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing (as appropriate for their stage of development).
    • Interact with non-native learners regularly while on site in Arabic to promote bilingualism using immersion techniques and language acquisition games and strategies that align with our Learning Community’s vision and approach. 

    You bring:

    • 3-10 years proven experience in fomenting Arabic traditions, language and Islamic values in learning environments.
    • A professional qualification in a related field (e.g. anthropology, arabic studies, social studies) and significant relevant experience.
    • Fluent bilingualism in both Arabic and English.
    • Deep understanding and appreciation of Dubai's history, culture, and language
    • Experience mentoring/coaching educators, ideally through immersion based practices.
    • Passionate about integrating traditional cultural elements into a new and exciting form of learning.
    • Ability to work effectively with a diverse team.
    • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail.
    • Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances.
    • Creative problem-solving skills.
    • Commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

     If this sounds attractive and you are up for your this challenge, please apply with

    1. your CV and/or portfolio,
    2. a brief letter (no more than one typed page) that outlines your vision for how arabic culture is lived in the life of a learner in the School of Big Bravery.
    3. a short 1 minute video that introduces you, your interest in the position and your passion as a culture lead. (please upload your video where it says “website, blog or portfolio”)

    We are committed to creating a community that bravely explores how, what, and where we learn. We value diversity in perspective, background, and belief. We cherish our safe, creative, and fun culture that aims no lower than evolving education to be its best self. 

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