Chief Learning Officer/Co-creator of College

Our Mission

We want to positively change education together.

​Future Focused Education is coming to Noosa.

Element College has been created to act as a platform to deliver a radically relevant educational pathway, fitting of the progressive and unique nature of the Noosa community. Element College is powered by Learnlife. See how we learn

An agile, innovative learning environment, authentically learner-centric that is unhindered by the constraints of outdated philosophies. Encouraging both a deep connection to the natural world, as well as the creative application of emerging technologies, Element College aims to empower learners in finding ‘their element’ and understanding how their uniqueness can positively impact a rapidly changing global landscape.

Let us empower our youth to thrive with purpose in an unknown, yet thrilling adventure called their future.

The role: team lead for a new project

We’re looking for an amazing pioneer!

Element College is seeking a multi-talented, pioneering Co-Creator of the College / Chief Learning Officer to take ownership of creating the initial years of operation - primary and middle years (Prep-Year 8). In time, the college will expand to ages / stages of schooling, including High School and open age learning programs.

This project is blooming to life within the UNESCO world heritage listed Biosphere reserve, Noosa shire, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Such a position requires a commitment to the environmentally-focused lifestyle of this regional coastal community and willingness to relocate there.

The anticipated time frame for this appointment is for the selected candidate to commence from the beginning of Australian Term 3 (early July). The plan is to select and appoint the next two people for the new college from September 2021 and then select the remaining inaugural teachers (Learning Guides) who will commence in January 2022. 


Key Attributes

Resilient, agile, adaptable, empathetic, compassionate, creative, problem-solver, communicator, collaborative, critical thinker; positive, growth mindset, optimistic, visionary, team player

We need someone who embodies these and can bring these to life in a new learning community. We need someone who is the gardener who not only prepares the soil but can plant, tend and grow the garden into a magical place.

This is a start-up role - and that will bring its challenges and joys. This is a position for someone who can thrive under conditions that are highly agile and often involving the unknown; someone who can build structure and delegate, a person who is able to build a team and is open for creative solutions for unexpected problems. A person who can deliver on timeframes and tasks , has an eye for detail and is able to work under pressure - but who still has time to smile and never lose sight of the bigger picture.


Key Understandings


This person will need to be 100% aware of the Learnlife paradigm and use this awareness to bring it to life in the Element College context. This will involve using the required curriculum base for Queensland schools and merge this with the wider self-determined transdisciplinary ethos of Learnlife. 


Who will you be working with?

  • The Learnlife global team, specifically the Chief Learning Officer – on a regular basis – and who will be available to help steer the journey.
  • The growing team of Learning Guides (teachers)
  • The learners (we are all learners) – especially those enrolled in the College
  • Parents and the wider community
  • Government bodies
  • Directors of Wild Air

Key Responsibilities

This role will be responsible for co-creating and establishing the College. 

The right applicant will:

  • Have the capacity to lead collective envisioning processes  
  • Be passionate about working with primary - high school-age children
  • Deeply understand that the traditional teaching-based education model is redundant
  • Embrace uncertainty and failure as wonderful opportunities for learning
  • Understand ‘learner agency’ and be excited about embedding this into all parts of the community
  • Find the creative pathways through the Queensland and/or National Curriculum in order to focus more specifically on innovative transdisciplinary learning
  • Be fully aware of what it means to promote learning that is self-directed, self-regulated, self-determined, with high learner agency and a strong sense of responsibility us that learning to improve the world, especially in the area of sustainability
  • Have strong skills in relationship building with parents, authorities and other stakeholders

In your role, you will: 

  • Act as a guide, coach, mentor, counsellor, passion pusher, facilitator, curator, and whatever else our learners need our guides to be for them in the daily operation of the College;
  • Work with Learnlife, the Element College Board and the Directors of Wild Air during the initial setting up of the College spaces and ensure all learning spaces are kept at an optimal level for daily use;
  • Be responsible for establishing and embedding the structures for the necessary daily routines;
  • Be responsible to understand, initiate and follow up all requirements of relevant authorities for documentation;
  • Take ownership of setting up our primary and middle years program and the progressive expansion, translating our philosophy into engaging, effective learning experiences with minimum guidance from the founders;
  • Take ownership of communication and engagement with parents and prospective families;
  • Develop lasting positive relationships with the local community to support the school’s expansion;
  • Develop systems for progress monitoring, authentic assessment, and learning interventions;
  • Stay current with innovations and research relevant for the role;
  • Be coached and mentored by the Chief Learning Officer of Learnlife, or nominated colleagues as an indefinite process.


  You bring:

  • At least 7-10+ years of experience in relevant spheres, being a principal, headteacher or school leader (working with children; & having team leadership) in Australia
  • A proven track record in creating learning programmes and translating philosophy into learning experience, ideally in an innovative learning environment.
  • Experience in developing and implementing learning experiences from conceptualisation through to implementation and evaluation.
  • Proven ability to connect and build trust with children combined with the skill to identify what role you need to play for each learner: pioneer, guide, facilitator, mentor, counsellor, tutor etc
  • Capacity to draw from a wide variety of learning methodologies and apply them appropriately based on the context and the learner.  
  • Ability to lead and inspire through your own example of being a life-long curious learner who is always open to new ideas and questions.
  • The highest degree of integrity and self-awareness and the humility to openly acknowledge your own mistakes. 
  • The aptitude to embrace uncertainty and failure as learning opportunities and adapt and evolve. 
  • Deep trust in and respect for children as people who are capable of carving out their own path of learning. The ability to see the best in each student/team/community member and bring that forth in them. 
  • An affinity for the natural world 
  • A spirit of adventure

What next?

 If this sounds like the role for you please contact us with the following

  1. Your CV
  2. A 2-minute video introducing yourself, your interest in the position and your passion as an educator
  3. Evidence of your suitability given the key attributes, responsibilities and understandings
  4. A brief letter (no more than one typed page) that outlines your vision of what a day of curiosity-driven and student lead learning could look like for a child that joins the primary program in Noosa.

Contact person

Leticia Lipp

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Noosa, Queensland