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    Are you passionate about working with 3-10 year olds? Are you keen on co-founding and operating a learning centre where challenge and play-based learning is the core? Are you passionate about bringing next generation ways of working to life in the education sector? Do you have a track record in fostering and developing relationships to achieve monumental feats?  Then, this may be the role for you ...

    The School of Big Bravery is seeking a multi-talented Operations Lead to co-create & launch our first Early Years/Primary age program.  

    The School of Big Bravery has been provided a unique opportunity to question fundamental elements of the education system which dominates our world today. This project is being led by the Dubai Design Lab, which is part of the Dubai Future Foundation. The School of Big Bravery’s mission is to grow an inclusive learning community which puts relationships, learner agency, and a strong connection to nature at the heart of it. We bravely question what elements of education need to change in order to do this, through re-evaluating timetables and schedules, subjects, or even where learning may take place. We take time to build a shared understanding across our community, as we consider learning to be a holistic process involving the learner, their caretakers, their community, and the environment around them. We aspire to be a lighthouse illuminating the possibilities of a brighter future through learning, and for this we welcome a team of inspired and energetic changemakers.   

    This is a startup! So we are looking for someone who is collaborative, entrepreneurial and who thrives in a changing, innovative and agile environment. 

    Role overview:

    The Operations Lead is responsible for the establishment and ongoing functioning of the learning community from all financial, operational,  marketing, legal and general business perspectives. You will enable the success of the school by defining and managing a budget according to the school's roadmap and priorities. You will set up all the enabling functions necessary for Learner admissions, a smoothly operating learning community and the appropriate controls and policies to ensure all operational and child safe guards are in place. You will lead on the identification and implementation of  the systems needed to ensure efficiency in its operations, decision making and  manage 3rd parties engaged in planned works to the site, in addition to oversee future facility management.

    The Operations Lead works closely with the other leads to support creating the best environment to allow learners and their learning team to flourish.

    The ideal start date for this role is as soon as possible, although we will be seeking to fill this role by January 2024.

    In your role, you will: 

    • Identify, source, and oversee the implementation systems to ensure an efficient, seamless, minimalist yet effective administration of the learning environment, including training and onboarding of new staff into key processes and policies that you would lead the definition of, alongside the other leads.
    • Collaborate with third party providers and Project Lead on the brand and identity elements of the school, including the implementation of the brand guidelines.
    • Co-lead the development of a communication strategy with the leadership of the School, and its subsequent implementation. Ensure appropriately targeted reach, filtering of applicants, and complete record keeping process throughout the recruitment stage and journey of the learner during their time at the School.
    • Liaise with designers and architects responsible for the design of the space with an awareness of resourcing and maintenance budgets for the site in the long term.
    • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the school, ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.
    • Manage the school's facilities, including maintenance, security, cleaning, and general upkeep.
    • Collaborate with Learning Guides and The Lead Guide to ensure there are educational  links to the maintenance and upkeep of the school.
    • Lead the definition and management of the resources required for the school on an annual and ongoing basis, including, budgets, supplies, inventory, and faculty. This would include providing the School’s leadership with the appropriate information to plan and manage key matters effectively. 
    • Coordinate with staff to schedule school events, activities, and meetings.
    • Oversee the school's transportation system, ensuring that students are transported safely and on time, including leading on sourcing the most effective approach for the needs of the School.
    • Provide leadership and support to school staff, fostering a positive and productive work environment. This includes buy-in and integration of staff as critical and visible parts of our Learning Community.
    • Maintain accurate records and reports related to school operations.

    You bring:

    • 8-10 years proven track record in operating across multiple enabling functions of an organisation, with exposure to budgeting, management reporting, recruitment, procurement, business excellence, in a single-asset environment with multiple stakeholders in Dubai.
    • A professional qualification in business administration and exposure to start-ups.
    • Fluency in English and Arabic is a must have.
    • A passion for education innovation and environments for children.
    • Strong organisational and communication skills with team members, stakeholders, and external partners.
    • Exquisite time management and prioritisation skills.
    • You need to be able to clearly convey information, delegate tasks, and resolve conflicts.
    • A keen eye for detail and be able to catch and correct errors before they become problems.
    • The ability to quickly analyse problems, develop solutions, and implement them is vital. 
    • Ability to take risks, try new things and embrace innovation
    • Ability to adjust plans and processes quickly.
    • Being comfortable using data to identify trends, make predictions, and measure success.
    • Leadership to motivate and inspire team members to achieve their goals.
    • You should be comfortable working with teams across our entire community

     If this sounds attractive and you are up for your this challenge, please apply with

    1. your CV and/or portfolio,
    2. a brief letter (no more than one typed page) that outlines your vision for how well-being is lived in the life of a learner in the School of Big Bravery.
    3. a short 1 minute video that introduces you, your interest in the position of operations lead. (please upload your video where it says “website, blog or portfolio”)

    We are committed to creating a community that bravely explores how, what, and where we learn. We value diversity in perspective, background, and belief. We cherish our safe, creative, and fun culture that aims no lower than evolving education to be its best self.  

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