Teacher Trainer, Catalan/Spanish native

    Are you passionate about training teachers? Have you been a secondary or primary teacher before? Do you believe that traditional teaching methods are outdated and need a shift? Then, this may be the role for you …

    Learnlife is seeking a multi-talented Teacher Trainer to grow our adult training team in-house.

    Learnlife’s mission is to create a paradigm shift in learning worldwide. We have created a new learning model that empowers happy, lifelong learners, and is responsive to the needs and preferences of today’s and future generations. Get a glimpse of how we learn here.  

    Through training, we support educators adopt new practices to render their schools human-centred learning communities. 

    Role overview:

    You will play a vital role as a teacher trainer. Your involvement will be instrumental in growing and executing our vision for the adult learning team of Learnlife. This multifaceted teacher trainer role combines course design, facilitation, account management and innovative practices. 

    This is a startup! So we are looking for someone who is collaborative, communicates well, understands the importance of strong personal relationships and who thrives in a fast-paced, innovative and agile environment.  

    You are based in Barcelona and will work remotely as well as in person.

    The ideal start date is January 2024.

    In your role, you will: 

    • Develop engaging training courses for educators. 
    • Facilitate interactive training sessions. 
    • Continuously improve and adapt materials.
    • Build and maintain client relationships. 
    • Identify client needs and ensure satisfaction, while providing ongoing client support.
    • Identify training opportunities, close deals and partnerships. 
    • Contribute to the Learnlife brand awareness and growth.
    • Stay updated on educational trends and bring them to Learnlife.
    • Foster open communication and collaboration as well as closely align strategies with team members.
      You bring:
    • 4-10 years of experience as primary or secondary teacher and a few years in teacher training, developing program designs from ideation through to facilitation and analysis.
    • Fluency in Catalan, Spanish and English is a must.
    • You can draw from a wide variety of learning methodologies and apply them appropriately based on the context and the learner.
    • You quickly connect and build trust with adults and have credibility in schools.
    • You manage and develop relationships with principals, school founders and directors from deal negotiation, through to delivery and follow-up.
    • You are able to work collaboratively and co-create together with the team effective, creative learning experiences.
    • You are a great problem-solver, are adept in swift decision-making, and can show poise under pressure.
    • You are flexible, resilient and show a growth mindset.
    • You are an expert in goal-setting and working autonomously.
    •  You self-manage well and self-reflect regularly.
    • You are adept at providing honest feedback and are socially astute.
    • You love and encourage experimentation.
    • You can be fun and playful.

     If you are up for your next challenge, please apply with

    1. your CV and/or portfolio
    2. a brief letter (no more than one typed page) that outlines your vision for how education should change
    3. a short 1 minute video that introduces you, your interest in the position and your passion as an educator. PLEASE upload your video as a URL in the provided space

    At Learnlife, our culture of creativity and innovation is predicated on a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to creating an inclusive community where difference is valued. Everyone is unique and celebrated at Learnlife. All members of our community--families, learners, core team, partners, investors--feel safe to be their authentic selves.


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