About us

Learnlife was founded in 2017 with the mission to positively transform education worldwide. Since then, we’ve:

  • Built a new learning innovation framework - Empowering 100s of learners and educators on programmes & training and providing a roadmap for transformational change
  • Created a global community - Uniting 27,000+ educators and learning innovators on a transformational journey
  • Inspired public and private schools worldwide - Activating 500+ education leaders to transform their learning communities

Our purpose

We exist to inspire all people to love learning and flourish in life.

Our vision

Everyone has access to human-centred learning to create an inspiring future.

Our mission

To build and activate human-centred learning ecosystems.

What we do

  • We empower children on personal learning journeys
  • We collaborate with schools to deliver change
  • We unite educators and innovators as part of a global movement to positively impact education worldwide