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    A human approach to recruitment and assessment

    Finding the best people who not only have the talent but are the right fit for your school or organisation can be challenging. Our approach goes a lot deeper than finding the right person to do the job. 

    We focus on understanding the why - who people are, their intrinsic motivations and values, and how aligned they are to an organisation’s purpose and mission.

    This human-centric approach helps you recruit top talent, identify internal champions within your team and create a team of change leaders that will achieve your goals. 

    Who we work with

    Our team has over 20 years of experience in recruitment and specialises in working with schools in innovative education and organisations in the Edtech industry. 

    We’ve helped startups build their teams from the ground up and supported established organisations to deliver real change. Our clients include:

    • Eduki - Platform Ambassador (Spain, France & Mexico), Performance Marketing Specialist and Social Media Specialist (Spain & France)
    • Real School, Budapest - Primary School Principal and Head of Secondary
    • Intrinsic, Zurich - Team assessments and Bern Hub Leader
    • ArcoBern - Principal and teachers
    • Bravery Begins Within - Founding Principal and educators

    “Finding people with the right mindset & skillset as learning facilitators was challenging. We often had staff who were not up to the challenge with high rotation. Working with Learnlife helped us focus our aims and recruit people to meet our needs."

    Kirsten Timmer-2

    Kirsten Timmer, Arco Bern

    Our recruitment and assessment process




    1. Sourcing via media strategy and headhunting
    2. Pre-screening
    3. Deep screening behavioural event interviewing
    4. Group assessment/in-action assessment
    5. Offer negotiation



    1. Deep screening behavioural event interviewing
    2. Group or in-person assessment/in-action assessment
    3. Feedback (GAPS methodology)
    4. Report & development plan


    Why work with Learnlife?

    Find your dream team

    Build a superstar team who share a common purpose and can help you achieve your goals

    Make real change

    Find change leaders who can help you innovate to deliver meaningful, sustainable change

    Work with a team that delivers

    Work with a collaborative, trusted and connected recruitment partner that takes the time to understand your unique needs

    Your recruitment and assessment team


    Leticia Lipp
    People and Engagement Lead

    Leticia is one of the founding team members of Learnlife. Her mission was to build the Learnlife team from 9 to 50+ people in two years and she has been the people & engagement lead for the organization ever since. 

    Leticia  focuses on helping Learnlife partner schools shift towards learning innovation and find crucial talent such as principals, CEOs, pedagogical leaders, teachers & learning experience designers. Together with her team, she will help you build and grow your own dream team.

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