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Join a global tribe of thought leaders, innovators, learning leaders and passion pushers, uniting to activate a new learning paradigm.

The Alliance is on a mission to inspire and promote innovative learning practices for the future, bringing together educators and communities to collaborate, share ideas, engage in discussions, and shape a new educational paradigm. Our goal is to make innovative, future-focused lifelong learning accessible to everyone.

In our vision, this new learning paradigm will create vibrant communities where individuals can access personalized learning experiences, fostering the discovery and development of their unique passions. This, in turn, will ignite individual and collective purposes.

Currently, we are in a transitional phase as we work on developing a new platform for educators to meet and collaborate. During this growth period, The Alliance is taking the form of a newsletter, where we share news, articles, workshops, and webinars.

We believe that your contributions, insights, and ideas will play a crucial role in driving the much-needed change in education worldwide. The Alliance aims to connect you with individuals who can help develop your thoughts, projects, and ideas.

Our world is ready for a new learning paradigm; let’s shape it together!

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"I am very proud to be a member of the Learnlife Alliance, where I engage in provocative discussions around #InnovationInEducation with a great team involved in different types of organisations and initiatives from around the world.!"

Gloria - Aliance member

What might a new learning paradigm look like?

Our learning paradigm consists of 21 elements divided into 3 clusters. Each element provides its own unique roadmap for supporting educational change.

Each cluster houses 7 elements and provides the overarching critical framework required for preparing, implementing and sustaining change in a new learning paradigm. If you are interested, you can learn more about our new paradigm for learning.

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