Do you ever wonder what it would look like if your child was excited about school?

Spend one afternoon with us and we'll show you! Learnlife makes learning enjoyable while preparing children to thrive now and in the future.

Open House - 24th March, 15:00-17:00
Learnlife Eco Hub, Castelldefels

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What do we do?

At Learnlife, we offer full and part-time programmes for primary and secondary-aged children that are available Monday to Friday, just like a traditional school.

The key difference is that our approach is based on a modern understanding of neuroscience and employs innovative teaching methods that go beyond the traditional industrial model, which has not changed since our grandparents graduated!

We visited educators at the best schools on the planet and studied what makes them special. We combined the top methods to create programmes that empowers children to explore their passions and become curious, happy, and lifelong learners that thrive in the world.

Our learners are twice as likely to recommend us over their previous school. We have found the secret to keeping children excited about learning and have the evidence to back it up!

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What else makes us different?

Personal Learning

We recognise children are unique individuals and don’t all learn the same way. Our personal learning approach trusts and empowers learners to make decisions about their own learning. This creates happy, lifelong learners.


Learning can be fun and impactful at the same time! We grow essential foundational skills and inspire children to learn through adventure and explore their passions. This develops a love of learning and

Modern Methods

We provide a 21st-century experience. We don't make learners memorise and regurgitate but develop intercultural awareness, self-reflection and critical thinking skills. This prepares and empowers learners to thrive in the modern world. 


We build communities and relationships founded on mutual respect. Positive relationships are crucial for creating a safe and supportive learning environment, fostering growth, and promoting better outcomes. They help students feel valued, accepted, and motivated to learn.

Open House Details

Our Open House is a chance for you to get a feel for what we do, experience student-led learning first hand and get your questions answered.

Each Open Day includes:

  • Tour for the hubs with team and learners
  • Pesentation and Q&A for parents
  • Children's taster experience run by studio expert/LG
  • See if Learnlife is a good fit for your family
Learnlife Eco Hub Kids Small

Eco Hub, Castelldefels (Google maps)
Friday 24th March
15:00 - 17:00

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        "A truly unique place and space. It is an innovative and nurturing environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, curiosity and discovery. Learnlife has been a great fit for our son. We are watching him grow and thrive in a way that we hadn’t seen before.”

Dave Donahower

Our Team

Get to know some of the experts that will help your children feel excited about learning again


Dr. Stephen Harris

Learnlife Co-founder

For the last four decades Stephen has been involved in virtually every aspect of the learning ecosystem: primary, secondary and online teaching, principal for two decades, inspector of schools and co-founder of Learnlife. Stephen also founded the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL). 

Joyce Mininger

Director of Primary Years

Joyce's teaching career found her in Minneapolis, New York and Seattle before settling into educational leadership in Washington state and then Panama City, Panama.  At her core she has always known if we want learners to dig deep, we need to allow education to be messy, meaningful, and relational.

Devin Carberry

Director of Secondary Years

Devin Carberry, has been an educator for over two decades years in a variety of educational settings — from after school to public policy and from classroom teaching to nonprofit leadership. He has also taught in schools with a variety of progressive pedagogies — from multiple intelligences to expeditionary learning.

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