Primary years

Personal learning programmes that nurture a love of learning.
Our primary programmes inspire children to explore their passions and guide them on their unique personal learning journey while building the foundational skills they need to thrive. 

Based on years of research and best practice from top educators around the globe, they combine the best learning approaches and recognise that personal growth is built on consistent positive relationships, not compliance and control.

Aligned with current Spanish competency frameworks and following internationally recognised standards, our innovative 21st-century learning experiences nurture curious, happy lifelong learners.

Primary years at a glance

Our full-time primary programmes are for children aged 6-11. They encourage learners to be playful, curious, creative and eager to experiment and explore the world that surrounds them. As young lifelong learners, children become reflective, resilient and resourceful.


Full-time programmes experienced at our Eco Hub in Castelldefels.


Learner-centric, nature-inspired, personal, hands-on and relevant to the real world.


Project-based, personal, core skills (literacy, numeracy, science, language, social studies) and developing passions.


Experts in personal learning, trained to create a safe, welcoming & engaging environment.

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"Learnlife has been an exceptional learning journey for our kids. They have flourished, developing vital life skills beyond traditional academics. This place is truly transformative and a landmark in future education."

Guy van Doorn, Learnlife Parent

Preparing children for an ever-changing world

Our unique ‘Stages of Readiness’ focus guides our learners to establish independent learning habits, far more than in traditional school approaches.

They recognise the critical role of a positive learning community and aim to develop autonomous lifelong learners.

Our learning approach is based on a competency model that sees the learner holistically. The goal is to develop five different areas of the child and each area has different competencies broken down into essential skills.

At the end of each cycle, our community of learners gathers to present their projects to peers, parents, and guests in a celebratory Showcase. Our methodology not only focuses on developing important skills but also inspires children to feel enthusiastic about learning and care deeply for the planet which they will inherit.

Our approach has been featured in:

Our full-time Learning Programmes

Eco hero 2

Typically aged 6-7

The Adventurers programme develops awareness through personal learning in all of the areas of a learner's life: to be, to think, to relate, to do and to live in the world.

The programme encourages learners to be playful, curious, creative and eager to experiment and explore the world that surrounds them. Learners begin to understand what is needed to embark on their journey of lifelong personal learning.

primary girls 4-3

Typically aged 8-9

The Discoverers programme allows learners to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in all of the areas of a learner's life: to be, to think, to relate, to do and to live in the world.

Discoverers develop a strong growth mindset and creative problem-solving skills through personal learning. They connect to the world meaningfully by building their collaborative and communication skills. As young lifelong learners, they are becoming reflective, resilient and resourceful.

Eco robot small

Typically aged 10-11

The Pioneers programme allows learners to transfer the skills and knowledge acquired to all of the areas of a learner's life: to be, to think, to relate, to do and to live in the world.

Learners have grown into critical thinkers and risk-takers. Not only do they understand the culture of learning but are advocates for it. As young, self-directed, lifelong learners they are confidently moving towards their next steps in their personal learning journey.

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What does a typical day look like

Our schedule contains building blocks which provide structure to the day. The building blocks promote learner agency, are authentic and real-word orientated and incorporate different learning methodologies. They develop essential foundational skills to build confident and eager learners.

The day starts at 9am with a wellbeing check-in, and parents can pick up their children at either 2.30pm or 4.30pm.

Example building blocks


What makes us different?


Building foundations and exploring passions

Learning can be fun and impactful at the same time! We grow essential skills and inspire children to learn through adventure and explore their passions. This develops a love of learning and our learners are twice as likely to recommend us over their previous school.


Nurturing unique talents and interests

We recognise children are unique individuals and don’t all learn the same way. Our personal learning approach develops essential skills and empowers learners to make decisions about their own learning. This creates happy, lifelong learners.


Preparing for the modern world

We provide a 21st-century learning experience. We don’t make learners memorise and regurgitate but develop intercultural awareness, self-reflection and critical thinking skills. This prepares and empowers learners to thrive in the modern world.

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Fees, admissions & enrolment 

We accept enrolments throughout the year, but most children join in September and January.

To start the application process, you can contact us and we will set up a virtual meeting where you will find out more about Learnlife and whether we’re a good fit for your child.

You then have the opportunity to visit the Eco Hub, and if you want to progress with your application, we will guide you through the rest of the process.

Contact us to start your application.


Progression - Life after Eco Hub

The majority of our learners continue with us on our Secondary Programmes at our Urban Hub in Barcelona. Learners can also progress to a learning environment of their choice, including traditional local secondary schools without issue.

Where can I experience this personal learning programme?

Your child will learn at our innovative and sustainable Eco Hub on the beachfront in Castelldefels, built for learning in nature.

  • Beachfront location
  • Nature-based learning
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Flexible indoor and outdoor spaces

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Frequently asked questions

Understanding that deep and meaningful learning comes through a multidisciplinary approach applied to real life scenarios, we also recognize foundational skills in literacy and numeracy are critical for ongoing exploration in one’s educational journey.
We therefore offer core literacy development in both English and Spanish, tracking learner’s growth in fluency and comprehension while also allowing them to enjoy reading and writing through a variety of avenues.
We incorporate an innovative maths curriculum that is approved by the Ministry of Education in Catalonia and ensures that our learners are developing the skills necessary for complex mathematics in the future.
More than anything, this approach allows our learners to investigate what they need to discover, why it is important, and how to find the information. 

In our multidisciplinary approach to learning, we embed traditional subjects throughout the learning experiences.


Science plays a key role in our CONNECT building block, in which learners develop and cultivate a deep sense of wonder and interconnectedness with the diverse cultural and natural systems that make up our world.


Social studies is continually evident in EXPLORA, where learners learn by engaging actively in a real-world topic on both a local and global level, including ancient civilizations, family and community, global societies, bioengineering, and artificial intelligence.


More traditional STEM integration happens through our IMAGINE building block, in which learners have the freedom to play, tinker, explore, discover and develop their passions as they build, innovate, and iterate.

As is the case in any environment with young learners, helping them navigate feelings, social interactions, and big emotions plays a key role at the Eco Hub.


In our REAL TALK building block learners connect with themselves, others, and the world by sharing feelings, experiences, and beliefs, fomenting integrity, empathy, and community.


We do not utilise punitive discipline, but we do work continually with learners around their decision making and if something has been done to someone else or our space, how we can make things right again.


Our learning guides work closely with one another, learners, and families regarding the well-being of all learners.