Introducing a new Learning Paradigm

Our learning paradigm consists of 21 elements divided into 3 clusters. Each element provides its own unique roadmap for supporting educational change.

Each cluster houses 7 elements and provides the overarching critical framework required for preparing, implementing and sustaining change in a new learning paradigm. If you are interested, you can learn more about our new paradigm for learning.


The elements are the result of an aggregation of research and examples of the best learning practices around the world. Each can be used independently to support a specific area of change in any learning ecosystem.

Stephen Harris
Chief Learning Officer

Preparing the Community

Vision & values
Positive relationships
Growth mindset
Culture & vision
Learning culture

Implementing the Model

Personal learning
Learning design
Online & blended
360° assessments

Supporting and Sustaining the Model

Learning vitae
Learn programmes
Creative environment
Digital platforms
Creative resourcing
Research & envisioning
5 life dimensions
This cluster provides the 7 elements that prepare a learning ecosystem for optimum learning. At Learnlife, learning ecosystems are the living spaces where learning takes place. For these learning ecosystems to deliver exceptional experiences and maintain optimum health and stability, preparation is necessary. When attempting to implement change, people often leap before preparing correctly. It is crucial to consider what is really important before any learning begins.

Join the Alliance

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A vibrant learning community should never be created in isolation. Networking with associated, like-minded communities provides a sense of collective confidence and cohesion. A global Alliance of educational change-makers exists to support lifelong learning. 

Purpose-Inspired Learning

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Learnlife encourages individuals to journey towards their life’s purpose, their ‘ikigai.’ We design and facilitate purpose-inspired learning experiences, recognising that passion is the fuel to drive purpose.   

Establishing Personal Values & Vision

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Coupled with a purpose-inspired learning journey, is the need for individuals to have a clear understanding of the personal values they choose to live by and a vision for their own life - their preferred future.

Growing Positive Relationships

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Learners thrive best in surroundings that encourage positive relationships. A learning community must commit itself primarily to establishing positive relationships before learning begins, to create an exceptional environment that supports everyone.  

Choosing a Growth Mindset

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Learning success increases when individuals in a community choose growth mindsets. A growth mindset, where someone believes their abilities can improve, lays the foundation for managing achievement and failure.

Growing a Positive Organisational Culture & Vision

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Culture in any organisation emerges from its combination of defined, individual and collective purpose, values and vision. Deliberate focus on defining individual and collective purpose, values and vision is crucial to growing an exceptional culture. 

Shaping a Strong Learning Culture

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Engaged learning cultures deliver deep, purpose-inspired learning. The Learnlife model acknowledges that learning must become as fashionable to young learners as other societal subcultures to inspire a culture of lifelong learning. 

This cluster provides the 7 elements that when correctly implemented, deliver exceptional learning opportunities relevant to the 21st century. There is little point preparing an ecosystem for change and then attaching learning experiences from an outdated paradigm. With proper implementation, the learning experiences expressed through these 7 elements helps prepare students to successfully navigate their world once they take that leap into adulthood.

Ensuring Well-being

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Any journey of change and discovery can challenge and exhaust. It is vital to maintain a healthy life-balance to ensure personal well-being. Well-being must be embedded into organisational thinking and action, particularly when a community is associated with lifelong learning.

Personal Learning & Adaptive Groupings

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Many learning systems deliver personalised learning. This is essentially pre-arranged learning rather than something a learner directs themselves. The Learnlife model constructs an ecosystem where learners are guided to become self-determined, by directing themselves - something truly personal. Agile groups are created to help support a learner’s immediate needs to guide them towards self-determination.

Diversifying Methodologies

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The Learnlife model captures a diverse range of learning methodologies. Learning guides select from a toolbox of methodologies that best targets learner needs. The current list of 25 methodologies continues to grow as new ones are created or discovered.   

Competencies, Skills & Concepts

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The Learnlife model diverges from traditional learning approaches which tend to focus on content and knowledge acquisition, towards learning competencies, skills and concepts - these better prepare learners for 21st century engagement.

Learning Experiences: Design & Delivery

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At Learnlife, learning design focuses on the delivery of competencies, skills and concepts. Learning guides create and co-create design experiences that offer individualised outcomes. Knowledge gained through content becomes a by-product of the overall learning.

Online and Blended Learning Experiences

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In a world of mobility, learning is no longer confined to a static time and place. Face-to-face or online learning are now equally suitable choices. A learning paradigm that designs and delivers online learning options must be as vibrant, relevant, agile and as personal as face-to-face learning.  

Learning Outputs & 360° Assessments

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360° Assessments refer to a process that enables a learner to both reflect on their growth as a learner, as well as receive feedback to help provide direction for any subsequent phase of learning.

This cluster provides the 7 elements that are critical to sustaining a new learning paradigm. Processes of change must be supported by carefully designed strategies to sustain them. The 7 elements in this cluster provide the blueprints that challenge learning ecosystems to reimagine, reinvent and reconstruct themselves to continually remain fit for 21st century learning purposes in an increasingly agile world.

Learning Vitae & Learning Achievements

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In a world where change is constant, the need for new ways to demonstrate learner potential and capacity is essential.  A Learning Vitae (LV) tracks a learner’s capabilities beyond measured assessment and presents them with relevance to inspire continued lifelong learning.

Learn Programmes

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Learnlife Learn Programmes deliver sustained professional experiences. In a new learning paradigm, shared focus is on continued, individual and collaborative development. Organisational vision is consistently evaluated and growth programmes reflect those responsive needs.

Creative Learning Environments

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The design of a learning environment has a profound impact on the overall learning process, but designed spaces should always support learning rather than drive it. Organisational knowledge of how to use space effectively is pivotal to growing a strong learning culture and vision.  

Technology & Digital Platforms

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Technology should be like air – invisible, vital and ever present. It cannot be the driving force of change because it continues to evolve, but should always support change. A learning community should flow between the real and digital world seamlessly, providing continued support for lifelong learning.  

Creative Resourcing

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Aligning resources to meet modern needs creates new opportunities within an organisation and can support its vision. Our learning guides are our best resource - investing in them with Growth Programmes facilitates lifelong learning and strengthens culture.   

Ongoing Research & Envisioning

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Change processes can be driven by the strength and clarity of a collectively created vision. When envisioning is accompanied by ongoing research, the change journey is well supported. In an ideal context, the transformation of learning would be led by an internal guiding coalition - thought leaders who encourage community-wide, collective envisioning to steer change. 

Learning within Five Life Dimensions

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Students must build their capacity to successfully navigate the 21st Century. Focusing learning on the Learnlife 5 life dimensions; intrapersonal, interpersonal, societal, global and digital learning, can help individuals better thrive in an increasingly complex and ever-changing world.