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What happens at a Virtual Info Session?

Learn more about personal learning, self-directed learning, and learner agency, and how these are shaping the world of the future.
Gain a better understanding of the Learnlife universe of offerings and how you can be involved.
Ask your questions during the Q&A session with current learners and their families, members of the learning team, & other community members.

The info session will be followed by a 1-hour, hands-on/interactive “Taste of Learnlife” experience where you will deep dive into a specific Learnlife area of your choice.

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Upcoming Info Session dates:



A “big picture” introduction to Learnlife and our mission.
Specific breakout sessions for Primary and Secondary Programmes (includes Full-time, Part-time, Summer, Afternoon, and Neurodiverse Programmes) and Learnhubs & Professional Training.
Breakout session Q&A.
5-minute break for those who want to continue with the Taste of Learnlife session, or close of session for those not participating.
A free Taste of Learnlife hands-on session where you will experience a specific area of Learnlife in a fun and interactive way.
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