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  • Webinar: Failure and Flourishing - The Life Cycle of Becoming a Learning Community

Webinar: Failure and Flourishing - The Life Cycle of Becoming a Learning Community

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In this webinar, educational leader David Penberg will delve into the importance of envisaging schools as learning communities and the ways joy and failure are crucial to the life cycle of schools.
This webinar invites leaders to ask questions about the wellbeing of their schools. What makes a learning community an emotionally intelligent one? What does that look like for learners? For educators? How does your school intentionally infuse creativeness, play, kindness, inquiry and compassion in the dailiness of school life? How do you know? How do you assess “community”?
Penberg will share insights from his personal experience and provide opportunities for discussion and questions from attendees.
This webinar is a must-attend for all educators and decision-makers seeking to tap into, refine and sustain the power of community.
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If you want to dive deeper into this topic, you can join David once again for a 2-part workshop later in the month, tackling 'Cultural Alignment for Flourishing Learning Communities'.
About the speaker
David Penberg
David Penberg is both an urban and an international educator. His leadership has emerged and developed over a biography of apprenticeships and mentorships, one of the most profound being life abroad.
Culture, relationships and how we replenish our “communities” are central to his vision of flourishing schools and community spaces. He has led workshops, facilitated communities of practice, taught and led community centers, as well as independent, international and charter schools.
A teacher, educator and writer, David’s love for learning and unabated curiosity in people and the magic of place, have anchored his work with students and educators for 40 years.
David holds an MS in Leadership and Supervision from Bank Street College and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of British Columbia.
David is presently engaged with schools and organizations, emergent and established, in a process of cultural alignment. Is a school who it says it is? Does it live its values and beliefs in the arena of the everyday? How does it know?
He supports cultural rounds (consonant with instructional rounds) and workshops for educators who seek to make their schools flourishing cultures of learning and care: for self, others, and the planet.

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