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Webinar: The role learning spaces play in a learner's life, with Danish Kurani

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In this webinar, visionary architect Danish Kurani will share his vision on learning space design and the future of school buildings. He will explain how space impacts learning and how to create future-focused environments that support learners and educators. This webinar is a must-attend for all educators, designers, and decision-makers seeking to unlock the potential of learning spaces.

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This workshop is part of a monthly event series hosted by LearnGuides. LearnGuides is our brand-new purpose-driven community and professional development platform for innovative educators who want to connect and develop the skills to transform their learning communities.

LearnGuides is currently in beta testing and will be launched later this year. When signing up for this webinar, you can also register your interest in joining the LearnGuides community.

About Danish Kurani

Our speaker, Danish Kurani is an architect and designer who’s been dreaming of redesigning the world since he could pronounce “architecture.”. As a professional, Danish began deploying his knowledge to build education spaces around the world, from India to Silicon Valley. He’s worked with Khan Academy and Google, and his designs have charted new futures for thousands of students globally.

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