Webinar: Empowering Students: Growing Learner Autonomy

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Learners feel more engaged and satisfied when they have control over their learning. So what if they were given more autonomy?

Join our webinar to discover how to unleash learner autonomy to grow autonomous, happy, lifelong learners.

  • Explore the stages of autonomy and how you can create a culture that unleashes learner autonomy.

  • Gain practical strategies for guiding students in growing their independence.

  • Find out how to overcome blockers to developing autonomy.

  • Dive into real-world case studies of schools that have successfully implemented learner autonomy. 

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Mar Cano Mesa
Learnlife Trainer & Consultant

Mar is an experienced trainer with a holistic approach to learning.

She has 20+ years of experience working with learners of all ages and is passionate about exploring diverse learning ecosystems around the world.

For her, magic starts with a mindshift, one sparkle at a time.

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