Personal Learning

Step beyond traditional school
into a breakthrough learning community


Here at Learnlife Barcelona Urban Hub, we offer the following programmes

Full time

Learn more about our daily programme for kids aged 11-18 seeking personal growth, core competencies and purpose-filled projects.

Afternoons & Saturdays

Learn more about our community programmes in our multimedia, sound, culinary, woodworking and maker studios.

Summer and more

Join us for a Taste of Learnlife with daily sessions full of fun, friendship, growth and discovery in all of our creative spaces and studios, or online.

A day
in the life
of a learning

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About Learnlife Barcelona

Who are we?

Learnlife Barcelona is a space for those seeking a personal, purpose-filled learning journey to navigate an increasingly complex future.

Our team

We are a multinational team with a vision of empowering change in education through a revolutionary open-source learning paradigm.


Join us for one or all of our annual events: Thought Leaders Summit, Grow Educators Workshop, Open Houses and Summer Fest.


Join forces with Learnlife to empower and enrich our learning community here in Barcelona or worldwide.

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Learnlife spaces


Join us as a co-worker and enjoy our cutting-edge facilities as well as the proximity to a positive lifelong learning culture


Join us as a co-learner, aged 18-20, seeking targeted support for well-defined projects and/or research.

Rent our Spaces

Learnlife Barcelona offers a wide variety of space options for events, conferences, workshops, filming and recording sessions.

Visit us

Let us help you plan an Open Visit, a Private Visit or a Custom Visit to Learnlife Barcelona.

What they’re saying


“I love Learnlife, I have so much freedom to explore my passions and let my creativity go wild with thousands upon thousands of different ideas. And I was never able to do that before.”


“I’ve been at Learnlife for a few months now and I’ve already started to see my self-growth. Being able to choose my own path and work at my own pace is something that I’ve really begun to value and appreciate. Having access to the resources in this space has helped me get a clear idea of who I want to be and the steps I need to take to get there.”


“Learnlife has opened my eyes to different experiences and helped me understand life in general. This center has put my interests first and deepened my recognition by preparing me for every aspect I could potentially face in the future. I feel very welcomed and heard.”


“At Learnlife, I can focus on the things that I really like to do. I’ve only been here a short time, but since I joined, I feel like I’ve truly experienced what real life is about.”

Fardiyah Dickie


"Learnlife has transformed me and my daughter in many subtle yet significant ways. She has been challenged and empowered to tackle much more relevant issues, and she's experienced the joy of deep learning and has grown on so many levels. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Learnlife."

Dave Donahower


"Learnlife is a truly unique place and space. It is an innovative and nurturing environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, curiosity and discovery. From the personalised experience that integrates project-based learning with cultural competence, to the thoughtful and compassionate staff, Learnlife has been a great fit for our son. We are watching him grow and thrive in a way that we hadn’t seen before.”

Hannes Shariputra Chopra


“Learnlife is a purposeful community centred around lifelong learning, skills, behaviours, mindsets and models which matter and will matter even more in the future. Dedicated and passionate learning guides support learners to push their limits! Learning here is cool, fun, challenging and it becomes an integral part of your life! Learnlife is the reason that we live in Barcelona now. I feel blessed that my kids are part of it.”

Herb Caudill & Lynne McIntyre


“Sunday nights used to be a terrible time for the family because the kids dreaded starting another week of school the next day. Now they're actually excited to get back to it. Just after the first week or two we noticed a big difference in both kids, which I would describe as self-confidence that comes from being treated with respect.”

Personal learning

Step beyond traditional school into a breakthrough learning community.