Vision Tour

During a Vision Tour you will be led by our expert learning guides and engage with our learners to experience what it is like to be a learner or learning guide at Learnlife. 

Our expert learning guides will deliver a variety of hour-long sessions that you can choose from when we co-design your own Vision Tour:

 - Discovering the Studio Model
 - Learning Space Design
 - Starting a Hub
 - Intro to Methodologies
 - Online Learning 
 - A Day in the Life of a Learning Guide
 - The Profile of a  Lifelong Learner
 - Building a Dream Team
 - Intro to Learnlife Elements: A Roadmap to Support a New Paradigm
 - Shaping Culture, Shifting Mindsets
 - Community Well-Being
 - Eco Hub Experience (Primary years focus)
 - Eco Hub Sustainable Approaches to Design
 - Urban Hub and Secondary Programmes

Vision Tour dates are based on learning team and learner availability throughout a typical northern hemisphere school year.

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