Realise your school’s vision

Experience training with long-lasting impact that’s tailored to your school’s unique needs and growth areas.

Do you struggle to find training that meets your school’s needs, is attractive to your teachers, and will help you implement your vision?

Learnlife puts an end to all this by providing long-lasting, impactful training that’s adapted to your school’s goals and helps you achieve your vision.

Whether it’s building team capacity, implementing passion-based learning or unleashing learner autonomy, we accompany you in implementing training that has school-wide impact and delivers real results.

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Who we work with

Since launching in 2021, we've worked with school leaders to train 330 teachers in 37 schools worldwide. We work with public, private, international and large school groups.


How our training for schools works


Once we’ve met with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve and the growth areas you want to focus on, we accompany you in growing a vision, planning, launching and sustaining a learning innovation tailored to your school and team.

Training can be customised to your needs and team size, and you can choose how and where you want the training to be delivered. Popular training topics include:

  • Stages of Learner Autonomy
  • Passion-based Learning
  • Learning Experiences and Programme Design

Training can be delivered in English, Spanish, Catalan and German.

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Why work with Learnlife?

Every school is unique, and training shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. 

By partnering with Learnlife, you’ll experience the joy of working with a training provider who takes the time to understand your school’s needs and curates and delivers training that helps you realise your vision.

No more time-consuming and frustrating searches for training that ultimately doesn’t deliver a long-term impact in your school. Just long-lasting, impactful training that improves learning outcomes and enhances teacher engagement.

Long-lasting, school-wide impact

We match training to your school’s growth areas. Our facilitators contextualise their lesson plans to ensure training has long-lasting, school-wide impact and helps achieve your vision.

Training that works for you

We take time to understand your vision and co-create training with you. This offers a flexible and customisable approach that works for your school.

Training that delivers results

We’re a trusted partner in 35 schools, helping improve learner outcomes and increase teacher engagement. We collect continuous feedback from you and your team to ensure that our training is delivering results.

Case study: Acesco School

Acesco School approached us in 2021 looking for support to modernise their school through 21st-century learning projects and methodologies.

Our solution was to train and accompany their team in implementing thematic labs and passion-based learning. 

The result has been a profound change across the school - growth in learner agency and autonomy, teachers evolving into guides and students developing their passions.

Due to its success, our training is being expanded across Empremta’s group of five schools in Catalunya. Watch the video below to see the impact of Acesco's training.

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Led by training and learning innovation experts

Your training team is made up of education and learning innovation experts with experience delivering training to over 100 schools worldwide.


Stephen Harris
Learnlife Co-Founder & LX Designer

Stephen 40 years experience in all aspects of the learning ecosystem. He was a principal for 20 years, an inspector of schools and co-founded Learnlife.

He has extensive experience developing professional development programmes for educators and specialises in helping organisations gain a stronger understanding of their vision and develop capacity and strategies for change.

Stephen is a renowned thought leader, regularly delivering keynotes, seminars, workshops and masterclasses worldwide.

Joan 2

Joan Urgell Farran
Trainer & Consultant

As a Learning Guide, Joan championed the envisioning and development of Learnlife’s Studio Model. 

With a background in product design and nine years working with schools designing and implementing learning programmes, Joan will train your team and support your school’s journey.

georgi circle

Georgi Panayotov
Trainer & Consultant

Georgi was one of the founding Learning Guides at Learnlife and is now a trainer & coach for various internal and external educators.

Over the last decade, he has facilitated innovation workshops for learners from preschool to senior managers in large companies. Georgi has worked in multiple cultural environments and knows how to address different needs in terms of content & structure depending on the culture.


Maria Galanopoulos
Trainer & Consultant

Maria is one of the founding Learning Guides at Learnlife. She has helped design programmes and learning experiences for all ages and trained educators at international schools in Europe, Brazil and the Middle East.

Maria is a lifelong learner who has become an advocate for innovative education and has a deep passion for learning and people. Her superpower is her ability to empower and grow others to achieve their goals and full potential. 


Guille Villena
Trainer & Consultant

As odd as it may sound, his journey in education started when he was working in advertising. It came one day when he realised it wasn’t what he was born to do.

So he quit his job and embarked on a personal journey that unveiled his passion and purpose in life: keeping our inner child alive. He joined the initial founding Learning Guide Team for secondary years and started the primary years as a founding Learning Guide 4 years ago.


Adri Balcázar
Trainer & Consultant

Adri is a Learning Guide who experiences logic and creativity as two complementary forces and loves tapping into both as he supports his learners’ growth and facilitates learning experiences.

He has spent 5+ years at Learnlife developing programmes and activities for teenagers, with a focus on Mathematics and Technology. Adri has a long experience as a volunteer soft skills trainer, which he leverages both in sessions with teenage learners and training for adults.


Oriol Codina Carulla

Oriol is a passionate creator with 8+ years of experience managing educational programmes for underserved communities in San Francisco and Spain.

He believes in the power of maker education to create opportunities and drive positive impact and is dedicated to promoting access to quality education for all.


Mar Cano Mesa

Mar is an experienced trainer with a holistic approach to learning.

She has 20+ years of experience working with learners of all ages and is passionate about exploring diverse learning ecosystems around the world.

For her, magic starts with a mindshift, one sparkle at a time.

What school leaders say


“My experience with Learnlife helped me start an unlearning process, to refresh my beliefs about what I thought learning should look like, to start thinking outside the box and to believe that it is possible to give kids a voice and reinvent learning. I was honoured to meet such dedicated educators, mentors, people and humbled to start a learning journey with them. What I know for sure is that they are my mentors and my North Star for the change I want to make in Romania.”

- Luiza Apostu, Founder, Rubik School


“Our biggest challenge was the shift towards the growth mindset. It takes courage for teachers to give up control and allow student agency. The way Georgi led us through the workshop and communicated to all participants, he became an inspiring role model. He made us aware of how it feels to work on equal footing.”

- Katja Kranich, Principal at Stromberg Gymnasium, Germany

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