Stages of Autonomy Rubrics

    The Stages of Autonomy Rubrics provide an overview of the skills necessary to be a proficient lifelong learner. They outline four stages of personal autonomy as a learner, as well as a pre-learner stage where the learners typically show no understanding of the specific skills.

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    Summary Personal Learning Capability Impact Rubrics

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    Stages of Autonomy Framework for Learners

    The 'Stages of Autonomy Framework for Learners' provides an overview of four potential phases of support for independent learning. These include:

    • Foundations
    • Guided
    • Independent
    • Autonomous

    Learners can self assess their skill levels against the rubric and framework and establish goals for specific improvements. 

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    Stages of Autonomy Framework for Learners

    The Stages of Readiness

    The Stages of Readiness adapts the Stages of Autonomy in a format suitable for primary aged learners. The intention is to select target skills of greater independence as a learner for primary aged learners and help the children practise specific skills. 

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    Stages of Readiness

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