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We enable schools to become lifelong learning hubs where personal learning comes alive, transforming the learner experience to tap into their passions.

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Professional Services

Our Learn Services allow you to build a personal package for your needs. We have five major services that you can purchase and combine as you see fit.

1) Hub Tours: Educator/Professional Visits

We invite you to our lighthouse hubs, where we started. Come and visit our primary and secondary years programmes, experience our framework in action and start thinking creatively about how you can start the transformational journey of your learning community.

General Tour

One hour-long online or in-person tour to develop an understanding of our Hubs and learning culture.


This tour includes a participant Q&A.

Vision Tour

Designed for individuals or groups who are already on or wish to begin a transformational learning journey. This tour is a minimum of 4 hours and is co-designed with our Learnlife services team

Inspire Events

See our framework in action at our hubs, explore our partner schools and join workshops designed to help you implement innovation.


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2) People Services: Building Your Team

People are at the heart of everything we do at Learnlife, and we believe that building your team is one of the most essential parts of creating real change, whether that be hiring new talent or finding champions internally.


Recruiting educators, school leaders or other profiles for your organisation.


Assessing internal people to evaluate if they are fit for the mindset shift.
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“Finding people with the right mindset and skillset as learning facilitators was challenging. We often had staff who were not up to the challenge with high rotation. Working with Learnlife helped us focus our aims and recruit people to meet our needs."

Arco Bern, Switzerland

3) Training for Schools: Achieve your vision

We deliver long-lasting, impactful training that supports school leaders to achieve their vision, improve learning outcomes and enhance teacher engagement. Personal, flexible, and curated to your school’s growth areas, we work with you to design and deliver group training for your teachers on topics aligned with your vision.

Long-lasting, school-wide impact

We match training to your school’s growth areas. Our facilitators contextualise their lesson plans to ensure training has long-lasting, school-wide impact and helps achieve your vision.

Training that works for you

We take time to understand your vision and co-create training with you. This offers a flexible and customisable approach that works for your school.

Training that delivers results

We’re a trusted partner in 35 schools, helping improve learner outcomes and increase teacher engagement. We collect continuous feedback from you and your team to ensure that our training is delivering results.

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“Our vision was to bring the school into the 21st century in terms of Projects and Methodologies. Our students and team have learned and implemented passion-based learning, and the result has been a kind, profound and persistent change for the school."

Acesco School, Barcelona

Case study: Acesco School

Meet the team

Get to know some of the experts who will be transferring their knowledge and supporting you on your journey.
Leticia Lipp

Leticia Lipp
Professional Services Lead

Leticia is one of the founding team members of Learnlife. Her mission was to build the Learnlife team from 9 to 50+ people in two years and she has been the people & culture lead for the organization ever since. She is now focused on helping Learnlife partner schools shift towards learning innovation and find crucial talent such as principals, CEOs, pedagogical leaders, teachers & learning experience designers. Together with her team, she will help you build and grow your own dream team.


Stephen Harris
Learnlife Co-Founder & LX Designer

For the last 4 decades Stephen has been involved in virtually every aspect of the learning ecosystem: primary, secondary, online learning, principal for two decades, inspector of schools & co-founder of Learnlife. Stephen also founded the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL). His vision is to embed innovation into schools, drawing from the passion and expertise of the teams that worked alongside him. He has deep insights into leadership, innovation and culture.

Joan 2

Joan Urgell Farran
Trainer & Consultant

Joan is a Trainer and Learning Guide with a background in Product Design. He joined Learnlife’s learning team in 2019, and has 8+ years of experience working with schools and maker spaces; in this journey, he has collaborated on multiple educational projects and supported many educators and learning communities to adopt innovative practices. 

georgi circle

Georgi Panayotov
Trainer & Consultant

Georgi was one of the founding Learning Guides at Learnlife and is now a trainer & coach for a variety of internal and external educators. Over the last decade, he has facilitated innovation workshops for learners from preschool to senior managers in large companies. Georgi has worked in multiple cultural environments and knows how to address different needs in terms of content & structure depending on the culture. He will meet you where you are and accompany you to where you want to be in German, English or Spanish.


Maria Galanopoulos
Trainer & Consultant

Maria was one of the founding Learning Guides at Learnlife. She has helped design programs and learning experiences for all ages and in a variety of learning modalities, including online. Maria is a lifelong learner who has become an advocate for innovative education and has a deep passion for learning and people. Her superpower is her ability to empower and grow others to achieve their goals and full potential.


Caroline Fournier
Customer Success & Admin Champion

Caroline will often be your first contact person and handhold you through your client experience. She comes from the Applied Arts educational background and has worked in Cultural Management, Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Over the last decade she has set up her own business in Yoga. She can assist you in English, French, Spanish and Catalan. 

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